Web-based people plots and family trees

Create amazing people plots!

PeoplePlotr is the best tool for making interactive people plots
you can share on the web. Perfect for family trees and company hierarchies

  • Complete control over the layout

    Unlike most family tree software, PeoplePlotr lets you
    design your own unique layout for your tree.

  • Easy drag and drop interface

    Your people plots will be up and running in minutes

  • Works in your browser

    There is nothing to download. Just sign up for our free
    account and get started making your plot

  • Add rich media to plots

    PeoplePlotr integrates with Flickr for images
    and YouTube and Vimeo for videos

  • Share your creations

    Each people plot has its own unique url
    that you can share with family, friends or colleagues

  • Colours and categories

    PeoplePlotr allows you to create different categories
    for people and colour code them

  • Embed people plots on your site*

    Plots created using PeoplePlotr can be
    embedded on your own website or blog

*Premium accounts only

What can I do with PeoplePlotr?

Family trees, company hierarchies, a graph of your friends… here's some suggestions

  • Create an interactive family tree

    Ever wanted to see your place in your family?
    Well, here's your chance

  • Keep track of your employees

    All these new faces you don't recognise.
    Build a company plot and see where they fit in

  • Who's running your country?

    Ever wondered who was in charge of your country.
    Find out and plot the results

  • School projects

    Make a plot of the Tudors, Kennedy's or Ghandhi's.
    Learn new things about them

  • Project management

    Plot all the people working on a big project.
    Share with the rest of the team

Show me some people plots

Cast your eyes over these great people plots that have been created using PeoplePlotr

How can I sign up?

Enter your username, email and password, agree to our terms and conditions and click
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What accounts do you have?

We offer several types of account. Pick the one that best meets your needs.


Free account

Basic account that allows you to create a fully-functional plot*

  • Limited to one plot
  • Up to 30 people on plot
  • Add Flickr images
  • Embed YouTube and Vimeo vids
  • Share plots with others
  • Choose background image

Price: Free


Bronze account

For individuals and small community groups only*

  • Up to five people plots
  • Up to 500 people per plot
  • Embed plots on your site
  • 5,000 monthly embeddable views
  • No advertisements
  • Access to new features

Price: $7.50 a month


Silver account

Aimed at small businesses and professional bloggers*

  • Up to 25 people plots
  • Up to 500 people per plot
  • Embed plots on your site
  • 20,000/month embeddable views
  • No advertisements
  • Access to new features

Price: $20.00 a month



Custom account for teachers and their pupils*

  • One Silver account for teacher
  • 50 Bronze accounts for pupils
  • Embed people plots on your site
  • Share people plots with others
  • No advertisements
  • Access to new features

Coming soon

*To buy one of our premium accounts, firstly sign up for our free account using the form above. Please note that our accounts cannot be used commercially to create people plots for other companies. Digital/communications agencies wanting to create plots for their clients should contact us at hello@peopleplotr.com.

Contact us

We'd love to hear from you. So if you want to ask us any questions, offer feedback on the site or would like to buy the professional version of our software and host it on your site, please drop us a line.

We can be contacted by email at: hello@peopleplotr.com.

You can also follow us on twitter at twitter.com/peopleplotr.

If you are having any problems with PeoplePlotr, please contact us as at: help@peopleplotr.com